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Today thousands of pets gathered, as a beautiful figure surrounded by white light, walked healthy & strong up the path to The Rainbow Bridge... as this loving being passed each animal smiling, the creatures bowed their heads in love, respect & admiration. As the woman finally reached The Bridge, she was met by a new menagerie of joyous & happy Basset Hounds, whose tails were thumping & hearts a-glow. Murphy, Julie, LJ & Dauber had been waiting patiently for her arrival and together, they walked over The Bridge and disappeared into the clouds. Was she an Angel? No, she was more than that... this woman was an ANIMAL RESCUER

Requiescat in Pace "Auntie Pat" Benstine, your 25 years of selfless dedication to the cause will *never* be forgotten. For the countless broken spirits you healed, hearts helped, souls saved & those transitioned to the other side, thank you. We treasure every memory and appreciate you teaching us what rescue is really all about. Love you furever... ~ The DROOL Crew

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Basset Blast 2015

Saturday April, 25th

Spokane County Fair and Expo Center

11AM - 4PM



Foster Homes Needed! 

A Foster is local, temporary home that helps our non profit love and care for a homeless hound that remains under WABR's legal ownership, until our organization is able to screen applications that have been submitted by potential adopters and we approve the dog's new forever family.  Fosters are very important to the continued success of our organization!
* Foster timeline may be as short as a few days to as long as a few months, per dog *
Washington Basset Rescue (WABR) provides all food, medicine and veterinary care for the animal (as-needed) while in Foster care.  Our dedicated rescue Vet is Indian Trail Animal Hospital, which is located in North Spokane.  We also have new dog toys and other miscellaneous items available (beds, crates, bowls, etc.) as-needed.
To be considered as Foster for WABR, you must;
* Submit application from our website to Foster & Adoption Coordinator, Judy Brown,

* Be age 21yrs or older
* Have a fully fenced yard (NO EXCEPTIONS)
* Agree WABR dog will wear Martingale collar with I.D. (we provide) at all times and not be off leash unless in your fenced yard
* Have written consent from your Landlord (if living in rental)
* Agree WABR dog will live as inside dog only and not be left outside alone at anytime if you are not home, even in a dog kennel or run - homes with dog doors and ramps are preferred, but not required.
* Have all animals in your home spayed/neutered and current on vaccinations
* Be willing to transport dog to/from Vet appointments and/or to Adoption Coordinator for meetings with approved applicants (arranged in advance) and possibly help dogs learn essential manners, training or socialization they're lacking, to allow better placement.  Fosters are often relied upon to share special personality traits of their dogs with us that will help make them more adoptable (i.e. great with cats, knows basic commands) or where they still need extra patience (ex: counter cruiser, knows how to open the fridge!).
* Agree to never leave Foster dog alone or unattended with young children (age 7 or less).
* Understand we value the input/feedback from our Fosters, but WABR makes all final decisions on the placement of our dogs.  We may have information you do not and due to confidentiality guidelines, we may not be at liberty to share.
* Know Fostering is wonderful way to help save more lives, but then you must have ability to say goodbye and let that dog go on to their new family, otherwise being a Foster may not be for you Black heart (cards)
Our rescue organization operates as 100% volunteer (unpaid) non profit.  It may take us several days-weeks to review foster or adoption applications, especially when we receive a lot of them at the same time and/or handwriting is difficult to read or people do not return our emails/phone messages promptly




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