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Washington Basset Rescue Mission Statement

WABR is a dedicated breed rescue and referral organization committed to preventing Basset Hounds from overcrowding the shelter system, helping facilitate placement in suitable forever homes and working to educate the public on responsible dog ownership and care - please don't shop, ADOPT!  We work in cooperation with the general public, animal shelters, Veterinarians, other rescue groups and reputable breeders.

How Washington Basset Rescue Operates

Individuals who have Basset Hounds to place, and individual, who would like to adopt a basset, call Washington Basset Rescue's - Phone number 509-928-8049.
For dogs being picked up, Washington Basset Rescue works with the dogs present owner to see if education and training can relieve the situation which is the reason the owner desires to release the dog. If the situation is such that the owner still wants to release the dog, Washington Basset Rescue has the owner sign a "Owner Release to Washington Basset Rescue".
Individuals who would like to adopt a Basset Hound contact Washington Basset Rescue. Prospective owners must complete an application. Their homes are visited to ensure they meet our requirements. If prospective owners have never owned a Basset Hound before, they are educated on the breed. Once these requirements are met the Basset Hound is placed with the prospective owner for a trail period, to ensure family and dog are compatible. All Basset Hounds are spayed/neutered, and all immunizations are current, prior to placement. We also furnish and collar, and I.D. Tag. New owners must agree to license the dog and provide humane care for the dog. Any breach of the contract will result in Washington Basset Rescue reclaiming the dog. Washington Basset Rescue requests a donation from new owners to cover the monies expended on the dog.

Washington Basset Rescue Directors

Judy Brown, Director
Foster Homes & Adoptions
Email:  judybrown2020@yahoo.com  509-928-8049
Mary Charbonneau, Director
Fundraising & Community Outreach
Email:  mhmelcher@hotmail.com  509-590-9667
Mike Benstine, Director
Secretary & Treasurer
Email:  MBenstine@comcast.net  509-808-0323
Pat Benstine, Founder 1988-2013




Washington Basset Rescue
P.O. Box 13665
Spokane, WA 99212

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Washington Basset Rescue (WABR) is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization; EIN 91-1962539