​Pudge adopted 2016

Coco  adopted 21016

Throughout the years,  hundreds  of folks have become members of the Drool Crew through adoption, fostering, donating, volunteering, or transporting.  We are a family of hound lovers who pledge to keep the dogs out of shelters, abusive situations, or medically neglected.  

Won't you join us?

Copper Top

2016 adoption

​Bennie and Maggie adopted 2016

Clyde adopted 2016


​Coco adopted 2016

​​Davey adopted 2016

Contact Judy phone:  509-928-8049 or email: judybrown2020@yahoo.com​

​​Bullwinkle adopted 2016

Finnegan adopted 2014


Foster:  got a fenced yard?  Love to work with dogs who may be timid or rambunctious, or noisy? You realize you may  provide an invaluable service to rescue by housing dogs over night or longer until the forever family steps up.  It's fun and satisfying. Contact Judy to see if fostering may be for you.

Compassionate Care :  when we receive a rescued dog who is a senior, adoption can take a very long time.  Sometimes longer than the life span of the dog. Taking a senior into your home for compassionate or hospice care means you can give the dog comfort and love for the rest of its limited life.  All medical expenses are paid for by WABR for all our fosters.

Donating:  rescues take a lot of money to run.  There is food, gas for transport, liability insurance, supplies, phone bills, and toys. But by and large our biggest expense is veterinary costs. Spaying, neutering, cyst removal, dental care, surgery, and check ups all rack up  incredible debt. Every little bit helps. Click on our donate button throughout the web site to contribute any amount.  Or mail your donation check to: PO Box 13665, Spokane Valley, WA.  99212  And thank you in advance.

Volunteer your time:  we need you to help out at our various fund raising events.  We need you to transport either dogs we are saving or dogs  we are adopting.  Ride along on transports to keep the driver company.  Just volunteer.  We'll put you to work at the most fun job you've ever had. .