​​​Washington Basset Rescue wants to help families keep their Basssets with them as long as possible.. We offer suggestions, referrals, or hands-on-help. 

Unfortunately , sometimes resources just aren't possible to keep the dog in the owner's home.  If  that day comes, WABR will help.  We meet with you to take the Basset, have all their  medical needs met, and spayed or neutered.

The dog will be placed in the best home that fits the dogs' personality.   Dogs will stay in our rescue foster homes until adopted.  Only dogs deemed viciously aggressive or terminally ill by our veterinarians will be humanely euthanized.

We won't judge the reasons for your surrender but ask that you give us as much truthful information as possible about the dog on our "Surrender Form" we'll ask you to fill out and sign. This will help us match the dog to the best fit in a new family. 

Contact  Judy,   phone: 509-928-8049 or e-mail: judybrown2020@yahoo.com to discuss rehoming your Basset.  If transportation is difficult for you, we can help with that too.

There is no charge to you for this service.